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Episode 9: Critical Conversations - Work/LIfe Balance during Shelter-in-Place

Episode Summary

Join us as we discuss work/life balance with Dr. Damon Korb, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, author of Raising an Organized Child, Speaker, and Director of the Center for Developing Minds, Kyle Anderson, a dad, special education teacher, fellow podcaster, and author of To The Edge: Successes and Failures Through Risk Taking from NV, Becky Simon-Kolesnik, a mom and KG teacher, and Yashmi Mistry, a registered dietitian and mother of two, as well as your regular co-hosts Melissa Sidebotham and Nicole Biscotti.

Episode Notes

Please find more information about The Center for Developing Minds here and Dr. Korb's book Raising an Organized Child here

Please find Kyle Anderson's book here and links to his podcasts The BeerEDU Podcast and  The Podcast by Sons of Technology.

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Melissa Sidebotham, M.Ed.: Co-creator, Co-host, and Executive Producer. Mom of three. Principal of hundreds, teacher of thousands over the past 25+ years in education, and children's book author for EduMatch Publishing,

Nicole Biscotti, M.Ed.: Co-creator, Co-host, and Executive Producer. Mom of four, teacher of thousands over the the past 10 years of education.  ADHD advocate, and author for EduMatch Publishing.